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Christmas Brockley Cold Smoked Trout

Christmas Brockley Cold Smoked Trout

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It's the most wonderful time of the year and I'm here to bring you both a more delicious and more sustainable feast this year.

Choose below from a whole side (average weight 650-750g) or 200g packs of my hand made cold smoked trout.

A whole side will provide nice starter-sized portions for 10 people, and a pack, 4 portions.

Note that this comes in its best form - unsliced - for greater freshness and flexibility of eating. Slicing just as you serve is also a great Christmas spectacle for all to enjoy.

The use by date extends for a minimum of 7 days from the date of delivery.

Click and collect or local and London-wide home delivery options are available. Visit the delivery page for more info. You can also see me at many Christmas market stalls this December. Click here for the calendar.

Christmas smoked salmon is over! Cold smoked trout is here to stay. Here's why:


Trout is a much less oily fish than salmon which results in a beautifully delicate yet complex taste and a pleasingly bite in terms of texture. Never slimy, never fishy and ideal for breakfasts, canapés and any other time when subtlety is key.


The marine conservation society list freshwater reared rainbow trout as a great alternative to unsustainable salmon farming in its current guise. Raising trout in gin clear chalk stream water not only develops a complex minerally taste which works wonderfully with smoke but it also means the manifold issues that result from open net salmon farming aren't in the picture. My fish is also from just down the road in Hampshire = fewer food miles.


Carefully slicing your stunning fillet of locally produced cold smoked trout for your guests at Christmas is a guaranteed great feeling. Slicing is way easier than it looks and you don't need a special knife. You'll be making a genuinely more sustainable switch and supporting a small business too.


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